Brucker Engineering Company employs both hand and machine methods in soils and surface exploratory work. Facilities are readily available for all types of sampling, including disturbed and undisturbed samples of cohesive soils and for cohesionless soils beneath the water table. Testing of subsurface soils in the field includes the use of shear vanes for an evaluation of in situ strength and for correlation with laboratory test data.
Since it is the policy of the firm to have subsurface explorations performed by subcontract, we can take advantage of the most advanced equipment and best qualified personnel for the work.

In its geophysical work, Brucker Engineering Company uses both seismic refraction and electrical resistivity methods, with the most modern equipment available. Depending upon site location and conditions, geophysical investigations can also provide critical supplemental information in conjunction with conventional drilling methods, and geophysical equipment can be used in terrain inaccessible to conventional equipment.


With one of the largest and best-equipped laboratories in the metropolitan St. Louis area, Brucker Engineering Company performs all recognized soil tests, as well as tests of asphaltic concrete and Portland cement concrete. The firm offers complete soil testing services to other engineers, including analysis and evaluation of test results.


When required or requested, Brucker Engineering Company observes construction based on its engineering recommendations. In addition, the firm frequently observes specific segments of other construction. We are particularly experienced in testing and observing placement of controlled earth fills, drilled piers and asphaltic concrete paving, culverts, and the construction of rock dikes and embankments. Testing is either continuous or periodic, as conditions require; all necessary laboratory and/or field tests are made to insure compliance with specifications.

We have provided these and other engineering services to our clients in a wide variety of conditions and locations, including subdivisions, lake developments, shopping centers, parks and recreation areas, airports, office buildings, apartments and housing complexes and culverts. In addition to extensive work in Missouri and Illinois. Brucker Engineering Company has served clients in ten other states in the Midwest, south and east.